Savannah Graffiti Stonehenge

I’ve heard about this place ever since I moved to Savannah just about two months ago. Decided to go down there with Gabrielle and check it out. Pretty colorful!

Kate and Spencer, Going to the Chapel

A little preview of Kate and Spencer on their big day.

Reed and Larissa prepping for their day. Ian LaFont was the second shooter and tackled the guys.

Nopeming Sanatorium

In honor of Saturday’s Ghost Hunter’s episode at the decommissioned Nopeming Sanatorium outside my home town of Duluth, here are some photos I snapped a few years ago when I was lucky enough to get a look inside.

Photo Gallery

Berserkon – A major gaming convention could be coming to Duluth

As I write this, Berserkon, what would be by far the largest tabletop gaming convention in all the midwest, is only about $3000 away from becoming a reality. Sanguine Pictures was proud to help out as the event videographer. See the latest video and learn more about Berserkon on their official Kickstarer page:

Hallowednesdy Interviews

Up now are a few of the many interviews that were shot at the Hallowednesday event down at Grandma’s Sports Garden a while back. In this session we have emerging artist DJ Lemon decked out in his Scooby-Doo outfit. Eric Kirchner talks about organizing events for DS Frequency, and from the Twin Cities, Jeff talks with Miss Sammi Cannon about Global Takedown. More to come, check it out!


Friday Night Fights at Clyde Iron Works

Hey kids,

I’m excited to announce that I will be at the Clyde this coming Friday to shoot the Friday night Fight. This event is sponsored by and Lorenzi’s Boxing. Can’t wait! Check it out if you’re in the area!

Official Trailer for my short film ‘Outpatient Waiting’

True Crime never looked more Graphic

NPR recently released a piece on the graphic novelization of True Crime stories as part of it’s ‘3 books’ series, check it out!

Duluth News Tribune Film Reviews

Here are a couple of links to some past writing I did for the Duluth News Tribune. This was a fantastic gig, watching independent films and then writing about them. What could be better?

Review for ‘Les Sept Jours Du Talion’ or “7 Days”

Review for XIII: The Conspiracy, starring Val Kilmer…I guess.